Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirement

Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirements: A User Manual (Easy Installation)Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirements: A User Manual (Easy Installation)

QuickBooks is software that is trusted and suggested by numerous entrepreneurs for handling businesses efficiently. To provide a better overview of the software, we are here with the guide of Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirement.

Quickbooks Point of Sale (QB POS) is its extended support for small and medium-sized businesses such as clothing outlets, retail stores, gift shops, food chains, small franchises, and the like. Intuit developed this software to help retailers handle inventory and customer orders without much trouble. The POS system is user-friendly and integrates well with QBs financial software, iPhone, and Ipad.

The point of Sale system needs hardware to run your business smoothly and faster. For that, you need to establish a complete setup of this system. In this informative post, we have created a detailed list of hardware that supports the system and helps run your business easier.

System Requirements for Quickbooks POS Hardware Setup

Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirement

Before you learn what pieces of equipment work with the setup, it is equally important to know the system requirements for installing QuickBooks POS?

Operating System:

QuickBooks POS system can’t work on any random operating system. When you buy a subscription, make sure to choose the right version of the OS also. To avoid any confusion, check out the OS that supports Quickbook’s point of sale.

  • Windows 10, each and every version with 64-bit installed.
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1), along with 64-bit.
  • Also, Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Windows Server 2016.
  • QBs POS also works well with the Windows 7 SP1.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, SP2.
  • Windows Server 2011 SP1.


2GHz minimum (2.8GHz recommended) for single users.

2.8GHz (3.5GHz recommended) for multiple users.


4GB minimum and 8GB are recommended.


The storage requirements are upto 1 GB.

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Quickbooks POS Hardware Components

Quickbooks POS Hardware Requirement

The hardware components for QuickBooks POS are easy to install and use. We are here to assist you with the working of these hardware components and their setup. Read below to know more.

Microsoft Surface ProPOS hardware

The POS integrates well with a portable Microsoft Surface Pro that helps you roam around your store freely. Also, you can just pick it up and finish all the work with complete freedom and save some counter space.

Instead of this, the integration of QuickBooks POS and Microsoft Surface Pro enables you to manage inventory, take payments, craft a purchase order, generate bills,  generate reports, perform back-office work, etc. from any part of the store.

Barcode Scannerbarcode reader

A Barcode scanner is the need of every retail business as it not only helps you save your time but also is cost-effective. It removes the need and errors that occur during entering the data manually.

A barcode scanner integrates well with QB POS and helps you run your overall business smoothly. Furthermore, you can even easily manage Huge data loads while handling the inventory at the same time. A barcode scanner automatically fills the details quickly just by scanning the code labeled on a product.

Cash DrawerCash Drawer

Your hard-earned money is kept in the cash drawer, so you can never ignore the Cash Drawer’s importance. In this equipment, the user keeps cash in an organized manner as per the value of the currency. This helps in reducing the check-out time of the customers as users can easily find the currency notes and coins by taking a single glance.

The retail stores cut down the consumer’s checkout time via the use of the cash drawer. It becomes quite easy to find the different currency coins and notes in a single go.

A suitable cash drawer is a secure method to manage cash as it gets open the moment when there is a successful transaction. Also, some cash drawers open only when they get a signal from the receipt printer.

Receipt Printerreciept Printer

Even though the world is digitilizing, some retailers want hard copies of the bills to satisfy their clients fully.

It can be easily integrated with any computer on the network and enables you to print receipts. This latest advanced printer has changed the old traditional ways used by shoppers. Some receipt printers have the technology of getting connected with the cash drawers also to ensure more security.

Wireless Barcode ScannerWireless barcode scanner

Well, if you want to move around your store and manage other tasks also then you must buy a wireless barcode scanner. You can connect it via Bluetooth that scans inventories to help customers do faster checkouts. You can choose between wireless and simple barcode scanners per your requirement of business.

Pole Displaypole Display

This is one of the most important but underutilized pieces of QB POS hardware.  The manufacturer especially designs it for customers to help them in checking and tallying the total amount that they need to pay before generating the invoice. This feature increases the authenticity of the retail store which matters the most.

Moreover, they aid the customers in verifying the actual prices even prior to the generation of the final invoice.

Most of the pole displays have a bright fluorescent-colored screen that the user can put at different angles to better consumer visibility. You don’t require any kind of external power source as most of them are USB-enabled.

To Wrap-Up!

This post is a guide for all the users who are looking out for the hardware requirements to install a POS system. A proper working system needs its software and hardware to be on point. We have tried to bring together well-researched content about all the QuickBooks POS Hardware Requirements.

We hope you are easily able to understand all the components of the POS system and are all set to use it in your stores. Start making profits soon. For any further help, you can always connect with us.

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